I like to call my interiors, aesthetic syllogisms. That first impression, in a space created by me, is actually a logical inference of the senses. Decorative elements are successive contrasting and than again converging, sometimes only through subtle details in fabric, pattern, color, shape, proportions, leading thus, towards a coherent and harmonious message.

The most inviting homes are those built over time, encompassing practical and aesthetic preferences, memories, gifts, inheritances, fads, guilty pleasures and personal belongings of the residents. A home is never perfectly color coordinated, and never sterile and never perfectly symmetric or forever new. Even if it was at the beginning. But back then it was not a home, yet.  I like to leave behind a home. From the very beginning. Not just a furnished house. An urban nest, not an apartment. And by no means a showroom replicated inside four walls. I wish to tell the story of those who will live there. I like wood, I like antiques or just junk, I like retro, I love vintage but I like all of it just as much as contemporary design and functionality.


Interior decoration & styling

In order for me to recognize your wishes and preferences, you will get first a style-and-living-behavior scan by help of a very detailed and focused questionnaire. Based on our meetings and on your answers, I will prepare mood boards, freehand sketches and/or rendered visuals, photographs and presentations to illustrate the styling decisions, and I will accompany you and/or lead the whole contracting, buying and implementation process until you have a HOME!

Wood furniture restoration and upholstery

Furniture restoration is a complex and tedious but very rewarding process, as well for the restorer as for the owner of the furniture pieces in need. A wrong restoration can harm a valuable piece irremediably. Restoration is not for today but for one hundred years from now. Therefore, traditional restoration techniques and old-school upholstery methods used in our workshop will preserve the age, patina and value of any piece you decide to revive and preserve for future generations.

Pimp my house!

Ultimate gift for your family or friends! As long as you can get them out of the house for a few hours or days (and as long as you are certain – but really certain! – that they enjoy surprises). We’ll be making up together a whole scenario, from ways of seeing the home without them noticing that something is boiling, to planning and putting the whole surprise in practice, including filming the reaction and protecting you from their rage (if you missed checking their tolerance to unexpected events).

Personal shopping

I know, I know! Sometimes it is difficult to let go and to leave all the decision to one person. It might be that you pretty much know what you want to achieve. Or maybe you have already a beautiful home and just want to change a few pieces around it. So you could need a shopping partner who can help you out with furniture and decoration shopping tips and tricks or secret treasure hunting places or who knows maybe only to hold you back when you slip on the path of buying beautiful but inappropriate stuff instead of focusing on what you really need. After a short visit to your house and a briefing/planning discussion, shopping sessions will more effective and fun.


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