As the ALS ice bucket challenge is taking over the offline and online world, I left my usual addictive online destinations (#instagram #pinterest #facebook #bloglovin) for Wikipedia and alike, to find out more about this disease, called ALS. The acronym as such did not ring a bell, referring to the English name, so I had to Google it up.

During my research I stumbled quite rapidly upon this movie trailer of “The theory of everything” – to be released in autumn 2014 – the story of Stephen Hawking, a British physicist and cosmologist, one of the greatest minds of contemporaneity.  My minimal understanding of physics would not allow me to make any appreciation on his work here or anywhere, but terms like “general relativity” and “quantum gravity”, which are his fields (according to Wikipedia) sound like topics related  to time and time relativity, universe, black holes, Big Bang and… God (I guess). All big and intimidating subjects. 🙂

“I believe the universe is governed by the laws of science,” he said. “The laws may have been decreed by God, but God does not intervene to break the laws.”

But! From my humble point of view, this man is more than a brilliant scientist. He is a brilliant scientist who suffered, almost his entire life, of ALS, that reduced his body at an early age (starting with 21) to an apparent burden to his mind, but nevertheless he overruled the disease in an unbelievable way, living a full life, having children, contributing to humanity and science, loving and being loved, marrying and divorcing twice, playing in movies, participating in a zero-gravity flight and authoring books. If not his physics revealings and theories, then his life is a proof that there are no other limits than the ones set by ourselves, with our own mind (not my quote, but I don’t know whose).

For THAT reason I can’t wait for the movie to be released, and maybe, OK, maybe also a little because I hope to get some “for dummies”-physics-insides :).

Will you see the movie? Have you been challenged to donate and/or get the ice bucket?

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