When I first started to put this interior design blog together, a few months ago, I realized I had to understand first what lies behind a successful and inspiring blog. Quality content is probably the most important factor, but than there are all the technical details that along with the content transform the experience of reading a blog into a pleasure.

My information on this technical stuff, design tools, ease of use, browsers compatibility, SEO, coding, Google Analytics, key words, traffic, themes and themes limitations was minimal. Yes, I know this is not suppose to be my job, but in order to put the right questions you have to know what you are speaking about and to understand what you expect from the people who are doing the job. (BTW, the people who did the job are two very patient ladies from Concept Machine. Thank you ladies for baring with me and my ignorance!). Leaving Internet Explorer for the more hip browsers was a big deal to me, so imagine the dimensions of my ignorance.

Anyway, trying to decipher the blogging world, led me to a whole new world of knowledge, entirely available online. Everything I needed to know was there, a few clicks away. Open education, courses and tutorials on every topic one can imagine, and most of them come in a very friendly and affordable shape. And if something is not online, than for sure some young and cool professionals teach somewhere, within your reach, a course on branding, photography, design, graphic or creative writing.

So I had this epiphany that it is so much easier these days to prepare for a career change or just to follow your creative call.  The online and offline world, is shaping itself around people following their dreams, by understanding the space, time and money limitations.

When I read about IKEA’s PS On the Move Collection, to be released on 1 of April 2014 (they release one every two or three years), i had the same feeling, that things are becoming more easier and more fun for those trying to make the best out of what they have, be it time, space or money.

Based on the outcome of a survey commissioned by IKEA, which stated that 20% of the urban dwellers live in small places, the PS Collection, was designed by young-minded contemporary designers like Mathias Hahn, Keiji Ashizawa, Matali Crasset. The main feature of the pieces is flexibility and multi-functionality, but they’re more than that. They bring beauty with their design, statement with their signature, and no compromise from esthetic with their price.

As I will be on the move myself in a few months, heading to a more bohemian, but relatively small place than my current one,  (I think I found it! More in a future post.), it would be great to integrate some of the pieces from IKEA’s PS: “On the Move” Collection into my new home. I particularly like the wall shelf and the corner cabinet.

What are your favorite pieces?

Ikea-PS-2014_storage-table_dezeen_ss_Annterior Ikea-PS-2014_hat-and-coat-stand_dezeen_annterior Ikea-PS-2014_corner-cabinet_dezeen_annterior IKEA_PS_2014_On the Move_lamp_annterior IKEA_PS_2014_On the Move_annterior

Photos via Dezeen