The events and exhibitions during the Romanian Design Week were on my priority list this weekend and I was very much looking forward to them. Nevertheless as “planul de-acasa nu se potriveste cu cel din targ”, my Saturday turned into a half-nightmare, my car being the reason behind the whole drama.

Long story, short version, I am a walking driving encyclopedia of stupid incidents/accidents as a driver. I could write a book “Me, my car and our twisted relationship”. Far from being really a danger on the streets (Or so I would say…) – so don’t panic if we meet and I am behind the wheel –  I am always squeezing sooo many tasks into one single day, that I end up being constantly in a crazy hurry switching between jobs and roles, private and professional. And you can see it on my car. On the one side I bump into different things (sometimes cars too :)), on the other side I don’t have time to repair the damages resulted  – which was the generator of the shitty events on Saturday – ending up in a vicious circle damaging other things, meaning I had to deal with a dead accumulator THREE times, only on my way to the workshop after the first playing dead of the dear battery. As this was not enough, a small accident on top was the last drop for my hysteria to erupt.

Anyway, in between I managed to visit the first spot on my list, the Romanian Design Fair at the Impact Hub, and that was pretty much it. Happy that it is called Romanian Design WEEK (17 – 26 May 2014) so I still have time to see more.  The city is especially beautiful during this week, it’s busy and young and it’s so refreshing to get to meet so many artists, and artisans and architects and creatives and their inspiring work.

The Romanian Design Fair revealed finally a long sought tile manufacturer, Manolo-Manufaktura, a long-time-no-see friend, architect and designer Irina Neacsu, who I will be happy to visit on Thursday evening, dedicated to the architecture studios, in her recently opened studio & showroom, and last but not least, beautiful ceramics and porcelain artist. I was impressed to find out how the artists behind UBIKUBI mixed childhood memories with innovation into a simple and gracious plate (actually a set of three plates), designed to touch the surface on which it is placed only with the curved corners in order to avoid the high temperature of the content to damage the veneer/finish of the furniture. Besides the tender idea behind it, the plates are a hybrid of  ballerinas and futuristic space ships. Love!

Madalina Teler and her ceramic objects were also a nice surprise, as I just realized I have recently received a gift made by her.

Now, a little about the Impact Hub, a thrilling discovery for me. I was reading recently of such workplace sharing spaces in the USA, and I was fantasizing about one in Bucharest. Coffee shops are really cool and pleasant to work in, but there is a lot of diversion making it difficult to focus. The Impact Hub is a place that looks like a coffee shop and offers pretty much all the facilities of a coffee shop, but everyone there is actually working and thus offering and appreciating silence and discretion. Connections and networking is nevertheless possible, encouraged and nurtured between the freelancers, members of Impact Hub, via Impact Hub’s online platform and their cool events.

To be continued! (Per pedes!)


DSC_0071_1 DSC_0074_1 Manolo Manufaktura

DSC_0079_1 Irina Neacsu

DSC_0089_1 ubikubi

DSC_0075_1 Alexandru Coral

DSC_0086_1 De Ceramica by Madalina Teler