Here we go again folks! I moved out and moved in, and I might suffer from a compulsive cleaning disorder cause I was completely stuck into my cleaning obsession for the last  two weeks, in the new apartment, as I am unable to function and to think clearly surrounded by clutter and boxes and dust. BTW, dust! There’s nothing I hate more. I assume there is some reason for the dust in the ecosystem, or maybe not, but I wouldn’t mind if it would completely vanish as a concept #dustgoaway.

That being said, I am more or less back on the path now, and I would like to share with you the first steps of the process. As I wasn’t able, as hoped, to procure some quality photos of my old home still furnished, I will provide some Iphone snapshots with the empty apartments (old and new) #asisstatus. Empty houses go better with low quality photos isn’t it? So no big sin I guess. 🙂

What my plans are for the new home, step by step, in future (very near future, #crossmyheart) posts.



photo 7


photo 4 photo 5


photo 6


photo 2


photo 3


photo_1 photo_4