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Nick Carraway

“Reading Lolita in Tehran” is a book about books. Among many books discussed by the Iranian university teacher Azar Nafisi with her students at the Tehran University, the controversial Great Gatsby gets a lot of attention. I have seen the Robert Redford featuring movie many years ago, but the movie did not trigger any wish to read the book. What did, was these “memoires in books” of Azar Nafisi, so – thank God for Kindle – I instantly ordered it on Amazon. Funnily enough, the Leonardo di Caprio featuring movie was running on the big screens in Romania just while I was reading the book.

A post about a The Great Gatsby “literary interiors” is the most natural thing to do, especially because houses, clothes and cars are the symbols of the book, incorporated in a natural almost unnoticed way into the plot by Scott F. Fitzgerald.

Well, first of all, things looked a little bit different than in my imagination. Especially dimensions! But apparently Jay Gatsby was more grand maniac (in the name of love :)) as I perceived him (I had sympathy with the character, though I know he should be the despite worthy nouveau riche), Tom Buchanan more wealthy and Nick’s cottage was more homey and cute than I would have expected for the bachelor narrator.

Catherine Martin, the designer behind the sets for the movie, did a beautiful job recreating the decor for the key scenes in Great Gatsby, and I can’t help but loving Jay’s Art Deco bedroom.

A more quite interior, Tom and Daisy Buchanan’s Hollywood Regency redbrick manor is meant to contrast with the glamorous extravagant Gatsby house and to highlight the difference between two kinds of wealth. It’s lavish as well but in a more traditional, feminine, laid back way.

The story of The Great Gatsby is a sad story, but then again, it’s a glamorous sad story.

Great Gatsby_Annterior item1_size_0_0_great-gatsby-movie-set-design-02-gatsby-mansion-ballroom item2_size_0_0_great-gatsby-movie-set-design-08-jay-gatsby-bedroom item7_size_0_0_great-gatsby-movie-set-design-06-buchanan-mansion-exterior item8_size_0_0_great-gatsby-movie-set-design-07-daisy-buchanan-sitting-room item6_size_0_0_great-gatsby-movie-set-design-05-nick-carraway-cottage-interior

More about the sets here.