Those of you who are following, may have noticed my absence. I traveled and worked a lot this past summer and I really hope to reach a point where I will have time to post more frequently.

The upside of the situation is that I have a few things to share, and specifically today’s post is about a “public” space to discover yourself if this article will be arousing your interest. You might love the unique birds and plants and the beautiful wildness of a delta, but if you are remotely like me, you wish to have at the beginning and end of an adventure day, a retreat to feel warm and dry, where you can indulge yourself with good food and a drink or two to celebrate freedom and leisure.

It’s been my second trip to the Danube Delta, and although I rather feel attracted to a mountain-esque landscape, I really enjoyed the stay (a whole lot more than the first time.) The sun, the food and the interiors made the experience a whole lot better. A small family business, Limanul, the newly opened resort in Chilia Veche – a remote village on the northern branch of the Danube – is a colorful, airy and comfortable resort, close to the water. On my way there, I couldn’t help but being in awe with the effort and determination of someone – anyone – who starts such a building endeavor in such a difficult approachable village (by boat mainly and in off-road condition by car, after passing the Danube in Tulcea with the ferry), with hardly any local supplier available. Therefore, chapeau bas to my friends who started and finished successfully a beautiful project.

SYAA Architecure Office designed the place inside-out and here is what they say about it:

One of the challenges was to balance the new approach with the traditional building techniques but also to consider the surrounding environment and landscape of the Danube Delta. We propose an eco-smart atmosphere where contemporary comfort blends with the local traditional materials.

The buildings of the resort are covered with reed, which is a lovely feature of the project, but also the most natural I could think of,s considering the delta as the background, and the walls are covered with adobe (#chirpici). Not to forget the blue wooden window frames and shutter (#love). All do justice to the local visual heritage of the place.  The interior mixes simple and clean mass market furniture with locally sourced home decor: old wooden frames for the mirrors in the bathroom, traditional bold textiles used as carpets or wall decoration and castaway wooden branches found on the shore of the delta that make beautiful decoration but also perfect functional items as curtain racks in the rooms.

The photos were taken few days after the workers finished the last touches, so there’s not much interior styling to see (next summer we’ll get to see an updated version) but the place is lovely enough in its simplicity, which is also what Danube Delta amateurs seek, isn’t it?

annterior_limanul_syaa_resort1 annterior_limanul_syaa_resort2 Annterior_Limanul_syaa_danubedelta annterior_syaa_danubedelta_limanul annterior_danubedelta_syaa_limanul annterior_danube delta_syaa_limanul annterior_vignette_resort_danubedelta annterior_danubedelta_bathroom annterior_danube delta_syaa_resort_design annterior_syaa_danubedelta_limanul_vignette annterior_limanul_danubedelta_vignette annterior_danube delta by night

annterior_danube delta_limanul

Photo credits: Doina Taranu