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I am very happy to introduce you today to Ramon(a) Filip, a beautiful lady (#jawdropping), mother of two and a successful handbags designer, Romanian born but living in Cyprus. Ramona has been so kind to share with us a tour of her beach house in Cyprus and her thoughts about fashion, style, family and interior design. Thank you dear Ramona!

I cannot go on without relating briefly about the journey to this post. A couple of years ago, a friend of mine received a Ramon Filip clutch as a gift. I noticed the clutch, asked about the designer, got the answer “Ramon Filip” and classified “him” as a probably new South American designer with a very fine sense for detail and style. Shortly after I discovered Instagram, LIKE through LIKE I noticed a certain @ramonfilip commenting on one of the pics of a friend so I checked and found out that Ramon Filip is in fact Ramona Filip (#maremiafostmirearea), a Romanian born designer (#morosanca) living in Cyprus. Pushed the FOLLOW button because her pictures on Instagram were absolutely fascinating. Her impeccable feminine style reminds of a 50’s Hollywood diva. Her classic beauty and style hooked me!

With absolutely no doubt that her home is as well share worthy, a few steps further, here we are sharing with you more of Ramona Filip.


Dear Ramona, you surely don’t need any introduction, but tell us a few words about BOTH 🙂 of you, Ramona Filip and Ramon Filip.

Ramona Filip is my name, Ramon Filip is the brand’s name and it was born in 2001 when I have launched it along with my fist couture collection and there are two reasons behind it. One because I had a few friends calling me Ramon and the second one because Ramon is an unisex name and I wanted to keep an element of mystery regarding the person behind the Ramon Filip fashion brand

Function over design, or the other way around?

Its definitely function when it comes to fashion, but it’s a lot of design when it comes to other areas.

Where does your love for design start and where does it stop? Do you consider design also in other areas of your life, besides fashion?

I believe I have a certain esthetic that extends in all areas of my life starting with the place I live to my working space…

Your personal fashion style is very elegant, glamorous, and exotic and your look reminds of a 50’ Hollywood diva. Is your home an extension of this look?

I think in time, due to the intense rhythm of life as a mother, wife and career woman, I have developed a more practical style of living.. I like simple things, easy to maintain, but with a certain touch of elegance and glam. I don’t like clutter – a reflection of my personality I guess. I don’t become very attached to objects and I save the attachment for people and persons I love and care about.

What is your personal recipe for a stylish but welcoming home?

My believe is that it is the spirit, the energy of the person who lives there, makes or breaks a house as a welcoming home.

What is the story of your beach house? Is it built or bought? If bought, was it love at first sight? Did you alter the architectural features of the house?

The house its both build and bought. A few years back I happened to be in the area and I found this property that wasn’t even for sale. The house was built already and finished but the outside was just red soil. The architecture and interiors of the house were not at all to my taste, but the location was breathtaking and I could see the potential the house had. It was definitely love at first fight and we managed to buy it. We stripped the house bare, only keeping the basic structure, that couldn’t be altered. We have changed completely the layout and the interiors to what it is today.

What about the interior design? Did you hire an interior designer or is it entirely your signature?

I did have help with both architectural changes and the interior, but it was very easy for me because I had a clear vision of it from the day I saw it. I had the lay out in my mind, the color scheme, the materials I wanted to use. I like things uncomplicated. I don’t like to mix lots of materials. If I use wood, it will be same color and quality everywhere, from doors, to kitchen cupboards, dressing doors, wooden ceiling. Same with the floor, I wanted uniformity and it’s the same all over the house, including stairs and bathrooms.

What inspired you to furnish and decorate it the way you did?

I just wanted a place where we as a family can spend quality and relaxing time. Weekends and summer holidays. Nothing to busy or to fancy. I wanted to have a direct eye contact with the sea from almost every corner of the house and let the sea be the major feature. I chose having the kitchen and the living area in an open space, against my believes , only because weekends and holidays are the only periods I can cook and entertain may friends while keeping an eye on my kids and having the sea as my view. That because I don’t have the luxury to do so on a daily basis.

Are there any Romanian inspired corners/rooms in your home?

I have a few Romanian ceramic plates and pots along with some ‘stergare “ 🙂

You once said that your clutches are made to become vintage, items that a mother will pass over to the daughter. What about vintage/antiques when it comes to your home? If yes, where do you source your vintage finds? What are your favorite vintage furniture shopping spots?

I do love a good vintage find, either a piece of clothing, a traditional costume from different cultures or a piece of furniture. In my summer house I do not have any but I do have some in my permanent home. I’m lucky my father in law is a big collector and together we stroll the streets of Portobello market if in London, Clignancourt if I am in Paris or generally any antique market whenever I travel.

What are your favorite corners and objects in the house and why? Where are they from?

I love being outside, having my breakfast or just coffee in the garden overlooking the sea, next to my two Ceramic pots from Crete with the beautiful Voukamvilia, the only color that spoils in a beautiful way the dominating blue and white.

What about online shopping for furniture/home décor? Do you have any tips for us?

I don’t shop for furniture on line, I only research . Most recently I’ve been looking for Afghan vintage rugs, stone washed.

Thank you again, beautiful Ramona for letting us take a glimpse into your life and home.

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and some of Ramona’s Instagram pics around her home