Today I am writing about Cotroceni, the area I moved to recently, because every time I am coming back home, the streets, the tranquility, the scents, the trees, the sense of community and my small welcoming apartment fill me with happiness. Although I love the opportunities and options and the energy that a big city has to offer, I secretly dream of a rural retreat where “I can drink coffee, create stuff and sleep” quoting a recent post of an Instagram acquaintance. 🙂

This neighborhood is an enclave of some kind of slow living, which I craved for, being a rather introvert person, needing from time to time space and solitude to recharge. It’s the closest to a “rural retreat” I can get in the very middle of the city. Therefore I am more than happy to have made the decision to move to a place and home I resonate with.

Now, being also a person who is absolutely crap at cooking (besides some salads who gained me the name of “the blond queen of salads” and a possible salads chef job if I will need one :)) I love eating out, and I am picky, and bad food tends to make me grumpy. Yes, and the neighborhood was not really prolific in this matter.

Bocca Lupo changed that over night. Located right at the corner of my street, on Dr. Lister street no. 1, the restaurant is a cool and hip spot for eating out but still close to the house. It’s airy, fresh, colorful, friendly and funny with all the locomotion means between the tables or hung above them: a vintage FIAT Cinquecento, a Vespa and a bicycle, which I am sure is as well a famous bicycle brand but I am crap also at bicycle brands so go and find out yourself.

Useless to say, that I adored the yellow FIAT, and the blue table cloths and the industrial iron windows/doors. I will never get tired of that last feature. Ah, and the counter, built out of an old, dated side board/credenza is surprising, and beautifully odd.

Well, with all my love for interior design and everything related to it, when I am hungry and my expectation in matter food are not met, I turn blind to interior design and to esthetic  and dismiss the place forever. Cause that’s what restaurants are for. Eating. I even get very mad on the owners who don’t understand that, and invest all the budget in appearance but forget the core purpose of the business. Again, eating!

But I am not mad on the owners of Bocca Lupo. The menu has only 4 pages, with big fonts, which is good. Not 30 pizzas, and 45 salads, and 1324 meat dishes, and 54 deserts. No, just a few of each, but tasty, creative and good looking Italian dishes. And one of the waiters made quite an impression, briefing me with the short history of the Medici family, after watching me being interested in the portrait of Lorenzo de’ Medici hanging on one of the walls, and taking photos of the painting. That’s a bonus these days. 🙂

Design by Corvin Cristian (no surprize here :)).

Bocca Lupo_Annterior Bocca Lupo_Annterior

Bocca Lupo_Annterior Bocca Lupo_Annterior_Vespa Bocca Lupo_Annterior Bocca Lupo_Annterior Bocca Lupo_Annterior Annterior_Bocca Lupo Bocca Lupo_Annterior Bocca Lupo_Annterior