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My name is Anna, and I am a…Coca-Cola addict. Correction: I used to be a Coca-Cola addict. Not having Coca-Cola around, usually to serve my other addiction, smoking, was a sure recipe for a bad day. Embarrassing I know, but we’re not perfect. Well, maybe you are! 🙂

Anyway, that taste! Those bubbles! I used to love them, and I still do 🙂 but now, I just drink Coca-Cola once in a while, especially when going out, in the evenings. The energy boost it gives, is good for resisting on high heels at a long party. I guess you noticed, I am still “talking” like an addict. I need more than my own will and intention, to resist at night-parties. 🙂

For the time when I was drinking it daily, and getting all those judging glances from my healthy living friends, I could have used to have this item at hand. I have got my Coca-Cola can, served hidden in such a brass cup, in a restaurant in Manila, and I was knocked down, hysterically enchanted by it.  Even my healthy living/eating/drinking friends got so enthusiastic about it, that they ordered  – what else – a Coca-Cola can.

This Ferm Shop brass can, which I hope is wide enough to fit a can (by the way, it is designed for make-up brushes), may just take Coca-Cola drinking to a stylish, posh level. It’s definitely on my shopping list.

Take a look on the pictures from Manila, and try to ignore that truffles and cream sauce, melting on those hot french fries. If you can…

Brass Can_Manila_Annterior

Brass can_Manila 2_Annterior