La Boudeuse Settee

It seems that antique furniture builders and designers considered a lot the social habits of the times, when coming up with a new piece of furniture.

La Boudeuse (French for the English “sulky” or for the Romanian “bosumflata”) is usually a two seat sofa, which is fine, nevertheless, the two seats are looking opposite ways, having only the back in common… Practically, an anti-love seat. The perfect seating situation for two lovers being en froid, or maybe for a wife and a mistress attending the same social gathering and elegantly avoiding each other. The Victorian version might have been adopted due to the great concern regarding intimacy between young lovers. Otherwise, for peaceful or contemporary living circumstances, a highly unpractical seating option. 🙂

Developed in the mid 19th century, probably in France during the late Empire style period, it features often very ornate and luxurious elements, like molding, carved and gilded wood frame and fine, embroidered upholstery fabric. The upholstery on the seating area, is generally done with springs to add more comfort.

These days, it could be a suitable furniture item to place into a hotel lobby or in a large hall way, to be used for brief waiting periods.

Unfortunately it was kind of difficult (in fact, impossible) to find a picture of the settee in a contemporary interior. Apparently it is not a very popular furniture type, as it takes a lot of space around it and it does not really serve to healthy off-line socializing. On the other side, it provides a lot of discretion for on-line socializing… Hmm.