With my crazy schedule lately, I realized I am dedicating less and less time for things I used to enjoy tremendously, things that provided me and others with joy. This might not be very flattering to me, but once upon a time I used to spent patiently lots of thoughts and research on choosing a gift for my dear ones, while currently I am constantly panicking over finding one in the last day, even hours before the party.

Until recently I had troubles finding something special and meaningful in such a short time before the deadline. Usually I was digging the internet for unique gifts, tailored to my friends wishes, needs, tastes and passions. The summer, and especially July is the most celebration rich month in the year. Birthdays, weddings and other special celebration all crowded in those three summer months (including my own birthday), and this year, more than ever, I felt the urgent need of that one reliable destination where I could bet on availability, price, quality and uniqueness, despite my last minute shopping pattern.

On one of the most bohemian streets in Bucharest, Benjamin Franklin, close to the Romanian Atheneum, (re)discovering the antique shop Fischer & Milenkovici was thus a big relief and pleasure. Far from the dusty and shabby appearance of the antique shops once known to be found only in the Old Town of Bucharest, it is an updated and chic destination for china, paintings, small furniture, silverware and deco from other times.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the shabby antique shops in the Old Town, and I am sad that most of them drowned under the pubs chaos growing there in the last few years, but I must say that being welcomed by Irina, the fashionable lady offering coffee in delicate china and cold water in shiny crystal glasses makes the whole shopping experience slightly more exciting.:)

My last stop there ended with leaving with a beautiful bar cart for my new home (seen below in one of the pictures), a gift for my hubby and a Romanian “cratinta”, because yes, they have also a quite generous range of that, Romanian ia’s, and colorful cratinta’s and some other traditional items that I could have died for. And all with a decent price tag.

DSC_0017 DSC_0020 DSC_0025 DSC_0019_1 DSC_0021 DSC_0013

Do you know the shop? What are your suggestions for meaningful gifts?  Online or offline gift shopping? Which one do you prefer?