Decorating a studio on a budget

With my moving action ongoing and everything related to it, I am completely possessed by thoughts of how to decorate my future home. Being a rental home, for a limited time, the point is to decorate and style it as soon as possible, in order to take full advantage of living there. For the same reason, the available budget, a limited and rather low one, should be spent wisely.

Usually, when it comes to temporary living, naturally we aim to make the space functional, neglecting the esthetic side of the situation. My opinion is that wise spending in this case, would be a combination of DIY, vintage & antique treasures, mainstream market basics, personal items and a little bit of art. Basic, vintage and art never go out of fashion and will fit in any future living circumstances. Even more, some vintage items here and there will add consistency and personality to a home. It might take a liiiiitle bit longer and more effort to put everything in practice, but budget wise it will be comparable with any pure functional furnishing, and the result will be for sure a conversation starter. I truly believe that this rule is valid for any space and any budget. Maybe not for any taste, but that’s another issue. 🙂

I will document my whole moving, decorating & styling process of my rental home here on the blog, but for now, just for the sake of the challenge, I will start a monthly hypothetical endeavor based on a few prerequisites. This month’s hypothesis, is a studio (or a small one bedroom apartment) and a budget of 700 Euros. Let’s assume that the small apartment has an equipped kitchen, and you either already have or you don’t need a TV. 🙂

So here we go:

For the sleeping area:

1. Headboard wall decal –  55 lei (16$), Etsy, will frame visually the bed, without taking any room and with minimal costs.
2.Euro Palettes bed – 0 lei,  4 palettes will make for a 160×200 bed ( the width of one palette is 80 cm, and the length 120 cm, so you’ll even get a setting area at the end of the bed). Any warehouse, hypermarket or freighter has some of these, thrown away somewhere in the back of the building, so all you have to do is go and ask for a few.
3. Mattress   –  399 lei, MOSHULT IKEA.
4. Wooden box nightstand – 10 lei, Okazii. Placed on one side, it makes also a good storage for the books and all the mitziripitziri we all have beside the bed.
5. White log nightstand – 130 lei, Visuell. To make a cool understatement, use this white log for the second nightstand.
6. Hanging bulb light – 160 lei for two, Tiffany Art. You’ll need a handy man (or women :)) for this, but as long as you buy the textile cord (in any color you wish), the ceramic fassung,  the ceiling cap and a bulb, you’ll have in no time an affordable and stylish hanging reading light next to your bed.
7. Cardboard deer head – 0 lei. Build your own deer head from cardboard boxes procured the same way as the palettes. 🙂

For your dressing area:

8. Metallic clothes rack – 149 lei, TURBO IKEA,
9. White curtains, curtain rack and rings – aprox. 150 lei, IKEA. Separate your clothes storage area by hanging a light curtain at about 60 cm from one wall, and hide the clothes rack behind the curtain.
10. Box – 59.99 lei, PALLRA IKEA. For the small things in the wardrobe. In case you forget to pull the curtains once, fill the space around the clothes rack with nice boxes so the view will be surprising.
11.Chest of drawers – 129 lei, RAST IKEA, for more storage area. The nice thing about this chest of drawers is that it can be pimped, being made out of pine wood left unfinished, should you feel the need for a change.
12. Gilded mirror – 75 lei, Okazii, to hang above the chest of drawers, doubling this way the storage furniture with a vanity table. Some chips and cracks here and there, but easy to fix.

For your day time area:

13. Couch –  609 lei, KLIPPAN IKEA, white, clean shaped sofa, a genuine basic, a canvas for colorful and textured plaids and pillows.
14. Basket – 39,99 lei, MAGGA IKEA. It’s more about the esthetics here, but storage is never to much.
15. Rustic chair – 100 lei, Small Issues, replacing a regular coffee table due to the smaller size. Paired with the basket and with a textile pouf it will form a group of interesting and eye catching furniture in front of the couch.
16. Crochet pouf – 200 lei (discounted), KIKA, adds texture and color to the composition and it provides an additional seating option.
17 Guitar  print – 33 lei, Etsy. A home without art is soulless, but fortunately these days art became more affordable and pretty much everything can be transformed into an art piece.
18. “Influential” print – 75 lei, Made by Girl, a more feminine approach to art, to balance the guitar technical sketch.
19. Coton rug – 147 lei, Rugvista. Natural fibers are precious no matter how low the price. Welcoming too.

For your working area:

20. Desk/table – 179 lei, LINNMON IKEA, wide enough to work, play and eat on it, also easy to dissemble when more space is needed.
21. Chair – 90 lei, PING PONG SHOP, a vintage Windsor type chair for your desk will add that right amount of vintage to your working area.
22. Glass Lamp – 65 lei, IKEA , one more texture, glass : fragile, transparent and simple.
23. MILK Ladder book shelves – 250 lei, Visuell, the perfect solution for storing books and other objects near your desk. It does not take too much place, it is light and different in  a beautiful way.
24. Invisible book shelves – 72 lei, HomeDeco, fix this invisible shelf on the remaining spots on the wall. It will make your books look like they are floating in the air. Definitely a conversation starter.

Do the math now. 3176,98 lei to be accurate. That is more or less 706 Euros 🙂