Elle Decor_San Francisco Library_annterior

I’m kind of addicted to following blogs on Bloglovin’. Domaine Home is just one in many. (Thank God for the “Like” tool and for Pinterest, otherwise I’d be lost with all the inspiration¬† I need storage for).

Well, reading on Domaine Home about this library in San Francisco, been pimped, a certain detail caught my attention in an intriguing way. Do you guess which one?

Yeah, the “all white” books! Besides that the trick is close to genius, for highlighting the beautiful wood panels, it’s kind of intriguing, don’t you think? I admit that all kind of colors and dimension would not have complimented the background as the white PAINTED books do, but it’s a library for God’s sake!. I just hope that Elle Decor got it all wrong, and misquoted some information, meaning that the books are wrapped in white paper after all, and not painted. Or worse, faux hand painted books. Clues for this to be a misunderstanding, found on the website of the supplier for such service/product “Books by the Foot” (adica un fel de “la kilogram). They literally sell books by foot, grouped by all sorts of criteria, by subject, by age, by style and least but not last…by color. Great idea. Don’t get me wrong, but I just hope they don’t paint the books and stick to the wrapping.

That’s the question? To paint or not to paint. Books.

Elle Decor_San Francisco Library_Annterior 1