This post has nothing to do with interior design, but it is something I was impressed of and I had to share.

Astronaut Chris Hadfield became a social media star for broadcasting on YouTube his experiences from the International Space Station and twitting beautiful images of the Earth taken from the space. One of these images shows how the division between western and eastern Berlin still persists, 25 years past the unification, expressed through the street light at night in the two parts of the city. The western half uses more Eco-friendly lighting which produces a white light and former east Berlin still sticks to the more yellow light produced by sodium-vapor lamps. Although a beautiful picture, I can’t help but thinking that it is a symbol of how difficult it is to remove marks that a 40 years long unfortunate history left on people and cities and countries.

That being said, I remember watching Felix Baumgartner taking the jump from the Helium balloon in the stratosphere for his Red Bull Stratos Project, and thinking how alone he must have felt up there and how remote from the teeny tiny Earth. At least that’s how I would have felt, but I am absolutely


by heights so it might not be very relevant for Baumgartner. 🙂 I realize now that twitting and (media) socializing in general, have the power of reducing space and distances to a less overwhelming dimension, be it on Earth or up there in the Milky Way.