Tons of framed and unframed art is waiting to be hang by someone handy (#notme) on my walls. I can’t wait to see it all up, and my mind is very busy making different scenarios for the future art wall(s?). Funny enough one of my lovely clients has this empty wall in the living room she cannot stand anymore, so we came up with some ideas for the layout and for the art to be framed.



The seated version involves a shelf to support some of the frames, while others can still be hang between/above the seated ones. I like this version because the shelf offers additional space for showcasing other props, that cannot be fixed on the wall, mixing them with the framed art.



Aligning different sized frames is a good solution for the undecided among us. Aligned on one side, but completely random at the other shuts down the little devil inside our heads who likes it more clean and tidy, and makes the chaotic one sing. #hallelujah



Finally, the mixed and matched version… Well, just feel free. You don’t really need me or anyone to nail this down. (Just a little tip: shake it really hard and don’ leave toooo much space between the individual frames, 5 to 7 cm depending on the whole size of the composition).


Least but not last, don’t spent too much time reflecting upon what is art. I truly believe that to a certain point (and sometimes even beyond that point) art is whatever speaks to you, whatever inspires you and whatever awakens a feeling of well being in your heart and mind; even if it is a post card or a page in a magazine, I believe it is worth framing it if you like it. Our ART does not have to be expensive, as cliche – istic as this may sound. Nevertheless if you insist, there are plenty of young artists, selling affordable and beautiful creations, so at least the “original” part would be covered. And who knows, one of the young artist you encourage and support by buying their art now, will make you a favor and will become a star in a few years, transforming you over night into an owner of both, original and expensive art.

Here are just some suggestions.


Framed scarf
I pretty much adore the idea of framing a scarf but I frame everything, from movie posters, to cardboard mustaches I once used at a costume party, and an antique baby shirt bought in Florence, Italy. It would also make a good baby shower gift.


Camasuta fetita 1920_1


What do you think? What kind of art do you have on your walls? Would you go wild by framing random things that you like and naming them art? I would love to here from you.