My name is Anna. With two n’s. Which I insist on!:) Not because Ana with just one “n” is less special, but I am a detail freak. To such an extent that I stand sometimes in my own way*.

A little about me

I am a Transylvanian-Oltenian (huhhh?! is this even a real word?) hybrid, Transylvanian stressed out though, as I’ve been born and raised there. For about 14 years on the country side, and another 4 years in city of Sighisoara, where I had to climb every morning 176 stairs to get to high school (so believe me, it was literally climbing, as I used to be the most physically lazy person in the whole world. Not anymore though! Age makes us wiser, they use to say.)

After high school I escaped to Bucharest, though my more conservatory parents and grandparents tried everything to keep me local, in a more quite and safe city, like Cluj or Sibiu. That was no option! Looking back, I sometimes could use these days the determination I had back then, fighting adult’s opinions about good and bad, but age makes us also more cautious. They use to say.

Anyway, university was crazy. Well, everything seemed crazy against small city life in Transylvania. So it might have not been so crazy as I’d like to believe, but for the sake of my illusion e.g. I cut my hair short (very short) and I dyed it to an ugly color (very ugly) as a protest against…myself I guess, when I failed the first mid term exam ever in my life. It was IT&C or something. On everything else I was and still am perfect. Retrospectively, I truly believe that it was some kind of borderline behavior of a creative person studying something that is everything else than artsy! It was economics, and yeah, you accountants and controllers out there, I know you want to prove me wrong, but I’m not talking about those kind of creative juices.

But as my life seems to be a sequence of decisions and events that lead me to places and positions I have no formal education for, as an educated economist, I worked most of my life as a…legal department manager.  That is, for ten years. And I still do! No, don’t even ask! Long story! No reason to reveal the “short version” (Although it might be inspirational and encouraging for some stuck in the same situation or in front of a similar decision.) That being said, my nine-to-five work environment feels most of the time like a cocoon, thanks to the people I’m working with, but the work itself is often frustrating and the “I-want-to-scream” type as dealing with legal matters is expected to be.

Another escape was due. What other best place to escape, than an old love?  During a time when I was kind of down and confused I dag deep in myself to find out what I was missing that prevented me to see colors instead of grey and white. And I remembered how, as a teenager, I used to be a dreamer, who used to draw and write and read,  so I started to dream again, to dream to become someone who writes and draws and does beautiful things again (Reading was never discontinued. I read tons.) But dreaming wasn’t everything I did.

It was 2 years ago, when I decided I want to spend my  free time with interiors and furniture. Meanwhile, I attended a furniture restoration course in Cornwall, U.K, where I learned how beautiful and complex and rewarding preserving the past can be. I self thought myself (I told you I do always things that I am not formal educated for) in interior styling theory and design tools (still in the process). Also, I had the support of beautiful people who credited me to express myself by refurnishing and restyling their homes and spaces. Some of them were the best clients one can wish for, the type “here’s-the-key-and-the-money-I’ll-be-back-when-it’s-finished” (you can check out the projects in the “Portfolio” dot. ). As every beginner (and not only) I was thrilled to have some of my projects featured in magazines and on very cool websites. (Another dot is available in the sidebar for the “Press” stuff. I love those giant dots!!!).

Well, not really a person of few words, huh?!

*In Romanian Anna is usually spelled Ana.

What i do

Interior decoration & styling

I believe our home should be our retreat and not a showroom. I also believe that no matter the size or budget, we should thrive for a stylish, comfortable and functional home. And yes, this is possible! Yes, no matter the size or budget. A home should be who we are,  what we love, our memories, our past, present and future, what makes us laugh, our guilty pleasures. Pay attention, next time you step into a home that you instantly love and feel comfortable in. You’ll spot all those features above. That’s what I do. Homes.

Furniture restoration

Old furniture in a new home, you might wonder? Well, there is no better choice one could make, in decorating terms. It’s and instant, unique, very personal statement. The kind of statement you want to make, for sure. I love old and antique furniture and the process of enlivenment that the restoration is doing to such furniture. So I wanted to understand it and to learn how to do it.


Coming soon project, Sister in arms and partner, is my friend Delia Maratea. We’re working on it, and will reveal more later.

Check out the “Work with me” dot for more details.

And the last

…but definitely not the least. I look so much forward to this new blog, to grow along with it, to inspire and to get inspired, to meet new people and to learn new things from my readers and fellow bloggers.  Welcome and thank you for being here!