One of my relatively recent resolutions was to get rid of all  many strings that kept me moving slowly and cautiously through life. Taking risks was not so much my thing a long period of time. Over-thinking every decision I had to take, led to procrastination, unfulfilled plans and frustration. Fear of failure kept me for years in the same place with the same big dreams that remained…dreams. Fear of being ridiculous, paralyzed my creative flow. Outdated life paradigms prevented me to see chances.

Nevertheless, all those fears happened within some kind of lucid observation and objective introspection of the triggers of my feelings and behaviors, and eventually a critical mass of reasoning led to a breakthrough.

So! I built this website and started the blog, I started talking about what I love and what I do, I started asking for help, I started to look proactively for opportunities, I started building the furniture & interior decoration online shop (will still take a while, but in construction), I sold my apartment and found a place to live that is more inspiring and close to my heart. Basically I stopped worrying and started doing!

Getting to the point,

moving to a new home makes me anxious and happy and keen to take the challenge of decorating a rental. I will document the whole process here on the blog, but to this point, I thought a lot these days, what are the top ten tips & tricks to transform a rental into a home. Here is what I came up with:

1. Find a sparsely furnished space, e.g kitchen furniture and appliances are pretty costly so you might want to rent something with an already equipped kitchen, maybe also a wardrobe and/or couch. There are big chances for  everything else only to get in your way, if you aim to have more than a functional place to live.

2. Avoid rentals where the owners practiced their tastes and interior design skills, especially if the forenamed happen to be fond of wall to wall tile finishing. In the living room! (%&*%$##&&*{*&$#). Decorating around bad interior design decisions is challenging, it’s true, but there’s a limit to everything. When I finally found my future place, I almost kissed my landlord on the mouth, after weeks of browsing the internet and the city after a reasonable, clean and tasteful furbished apartment and realizing frustrated that even if the apartments were in the right area, in the right building and within the right price range, the interior made my teeth hurt. Replacing wooden french doors and windows with aluminum framed ones, should be punished with imprisonment.

3. Convince your landlord to allow some non invasive interventions (I know this is basic in other countries, but in Romania landlords expect you to pay for the rented space but return it untouched). Painting the walls, hanging art and shelves on the wall can make a difference. I even convinced mine to let me use wallpaper. Now I have to decide on one. Out of  the 14675 I consider.


Wallpaper Inspiration

 4. Buy two or three pieces of furniture that stand out through quality. It will fit in any interior, it will make the place look less temporary, and would make a good investment. Avoid investing in built-in furniture if it’s not absolutely necessary.

5. Floor to ceiling draperies, frame any room in a cozy and elegant way. Skip the curtains if the view is worth to see and the window frames are nice.

Via MariaKillam.com_Annterior

6. Use ambient light as much as possible. Coffee table lamps, standing lamps and even candles light the spots you would like to be seen, and hide the ones that you are not so proud of.




 7. In the bedroom use white, crisp bed sheets. No matter what brand, white sheets look clean and luxurious.

8. Curate your art and your book shelves. Books don’t necessarily have to pile up incoherently in shelves. With a little effort and imagination, mixing the books with small deco objects will make your shelves look like a small exhibition and will make a perfect focal point into any room.  Also frame and hang on the walls, whatever inspires you. (That’s what I mean by “your art” :))

Emily Henderson for A Cup of Jo_Annterior

9. Create storage space, under the bed, in dead corners (this is a situation where you could use built-in furniture) or using the whole height of the room by stacking nice boxes on top of high furniture.

10. Keep it tidy. 🙂

Via The Decorista_Annterior

Photos: here, here and here